"MUSICA MUNDI" sending a world sound to join the future together with the past.


【DJ 果実】Live at BOX ENERGY / TECHNO MIXが公開されました。

2021.4.23(FRI) whim @ しぶや 花魁 Oiran

In a stylish red Japanese house, and this time I'm going to join Blueflower, Tokukazu to color the evening in Shibuya.Times are tough, but take a moment to free your mind.We will be waiting for you, taking all possible measures against inf…

2021.4.17(SAT) 13:00-20:00 BOX ENERGY @ VIOLETTA

2021.4.17(SAT) 13:00-20:00BOX ENERGY @ VIOLETTA 1,500JPY(1 Drink)GUEST LIVE: itachi / melE.D.O.ECHO SOUNDSYSTEMGUEST DJ: 果実 (MUSICA MUNDI)Ogaway(OTOTABI with Ogaway)RESIDENT DJ: KOGOMASASHI MATSUI (L.S.S TRAXX)About Party: タイトル名は…

2021.4.13(TUE) Test Press Tuesday @ DJ BAR KOARA

View this post on Instagram A post shared by TPT (@testpresstuesday) 2021.4.13(TUE)Test Press Tuesday @ DJ BAR KOARA 2nd Tuesday of every month, a night of unreleased tracks, classics and future classic leaning towards un…