"MUSICA MUNDI" sending a world sound to join the future together with the past.

MUSICA MUNDI Show#010 feat. in the mix

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MUSICA MUNDI Show#010 feat. in the mix

| General Ludd | Till Von Sein | Felix Leifur | Kevin Yost | Claudio PRC | Parple | Hugo Barritt | El_Txef_A, Napoka Iria |

www.mixcloud.com1. General Ludd - Sunset Yellow
2. Till Von Sein - U N U (Original Mix)
3. Felix Leifur - Feels Like
4. Kevin Yost - Show (Benji Candelario Re-Edit)
5. Claudio PRC - Utopia
6. Parple - Sacred Original Mix
7. Hugo Barritt - Peaking (Original Mix)
8. El_Txef_A, Napoka Iria - Mugarrirantz Feat. Napoka Iria (Dave DK Remix)

Special Selection for 「in the mix feat. MUSICA MUNDI」
Selected by Takao HIROSE,、果実

Mixed by Takao HIROSE