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"MUSICA MUNDI" Top 3 for first half of 2016

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"MUSICA MUNDI" Top 3 for first half of 2016

www.mixcloud.com1. 【3rd prize】Healing Force Project - Resounding Cavity - Selected by Takao HIROSE
2. 【3rd prize】Roza Roza - -- - Selected by Kajitsu
3. 【2nd prize】Tumult Hands - Tropic Factory -Selected by Takao HIROSE
4. 【2nd prize】Leif - Macro Beat (Original Mix) - Selected by Kajitsu
5. 【1st prize】NHK yx Koyxen - 941 - Selected by Takao HIROSE
6. 【1st prize】PEGGY GOU - Six O Six - Selected by Kajitsu

Selected by Takao HIROSE、果実
Mixed by Takao HIROSE